Welding Services in Surrey

Medusa Construction provides welding and metal fabrication services in lower mainland. Our welding team are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau and testing is done on an ongoing basis. We can take your idea through design, cut, weld, galvanize, paint and install in the shortest time possible. When you need it right now, we’ll give your project the attention it needs to have it done on time. Our employees have a high level of technical training, and field experience as well.

What we do?


With CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certification in both steel and aluminum, and a B.C. Boiler branch A contractor’s license for pressure welding, we can weld to the most demanding specifications.


We provide precision pipe and tube bending, coiling, beam bending, angle, channel and other structural steel forming in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, and other alloys. We have an extensive selection of bending equipment and dies with in-house machining capabilities to ensure rapid turnaround on dies for specialized sizes and profiles.

Welding That Fits Every Project

Often times commercial and industrial properties require a significant amount of piping to move processed fluids and gas. There is usually a limitation of space on the property which requires piping to be welded and fabricated in specific ways to ensure they can be effectively used. Furthermore, a specific deadline for construction needs to be met. Our welding services can be customized to fit your exact measurements and deadlines. We have years of experience handling welding in Surrey, Vancouver, and beyond which has given us the skills and knowledge necessary to adapt to the most demanding of projects.

Custom Welding

Do you have an idea you want us to bring to reality? If you are looking for welding services in Surrey or Vancouver, our expert welders can do it for you. Our technicians combined with state of the art equipment give us the advantage of working on the tough projects. We are experts when it comes to custom projects, where you may require a more customized approach to the welding work. So, no matter how unique your requirement may be, we can provide  quality, custom work to meet all the specifications and expectations for your project. All your complex demands can be achieved and our expert eye provided.

Welding creates joints that are permanent and have strength that is equal to or even stronger than base metals. One of the positives of using the process of welding is that it can be mechanized. This means that the welding parameters can be controlled mechanically or electronically. Then, during the welding process the parameters can be varied manually to ensure that the welding position is maintained and so the quality of the output improves dramatically.

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