Plumbing Services

When you contact us for plumbing services, you are getting more than just a plumber in surrey and lower mainland. You’re getting a professional plumbing service in Surrey and Lower mainland that cares take of your project. We want to make sure you are fully satisfied with the job we do.

Our services are available to both residential and commercial clients. No project is beyond our ability. Whether you need a new construction, a renovation, or a simple repair, our skilled team can solve any problems and get the job done smoothly.

Plumbing repair issues such as leaking pipes, overflowing toilets and more can be more than bothersome. These are issues that can cause a significant amount of water damage to your home when they are not repaired quickly and accurately by the kind of emergency plumber Surrey, BC homeowners can trust. We offers expedient service to emergency repair needs to minimize the effects of water damage in your home. All repair work will be completed accurately by skilled plumbing professionals.

We can provide you with many services, such as:

  • Pipe repair
  • Hot water tank repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Back flow prevention
  • Excavation
  • And more
Commercial Plumbing Contractor in Surrey

When you are looking for a plumbing contractor in Surrey that can provide you with comprehensive plumbing and heating services, look no further than NCC Construction Ltd. We have been working in the commercial plumbing industry for nearly 20+ years and our experience is unparalleled. Whether you need a new installation or a repair on an older system, we can help you.

We are capable of providing many commercial plumbing and heating services, such as:

  • Plumbing
  • Pipe repairs
  • Heating
  • Boilers
  • Hot water
Residential Plumbing Services in Surrey

Our plumbing and heating services are available for residential applications. Whether it is for a home renovation or you are a strata council that is looking for an affordable plumber option for your repairs, we are the professionals that are committed to getting it done right the first time.

We have been in the industry from past 20+ years and have the skill and knowledge necessary to complete the job to your satisfaction. We provide plumbing and heating services such as drain cleaning, pipe repair, hot water tank repair, boiler repair, and much more.

Our skilled team is always ready to provide you with reliable and high-quality plumbing services. Whether you need a pipe repaired or a drain unclogged.

Drain Cleaning Services in Surrey

Clearing away drain clogs and blockages is a tricky business. Sometimes the cause of the clog is not obvious.We specialize in drain cleaning services in Surrey. We have been cleaning the drains of both residential and commercial properties in the area. Over time, drains will clog. Kitchen drains will have a buildup of grease and food, shower drains might have hair, and other drains can just back up with dirt. When that happens, you want it cleared as soon as possible so you don’t have to deal with dirty water pooling everywhere.

We use a specific video tool to determine the exact cause and location of the blockage then clear it using the appropriate method.

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